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1919 is a collectively-run, all-volunteer, not-profit, warehouse space. We’ve been around since September 2002 surviving on (mostly small) donations to keep the doors open for our programs and services. These include maintaining a radical lending library, a ‘free store’, an alcohol and smoke-free all-ages d.i.y. performance arts space, a documentary film series, and a meeting place for community organizations.

All-Ages D.I.Y. Performance Arts Space

This is the backbone of our fundraising efforts! D.I.Y. means Do It Yourself. DIY also translates into accessibility with respect to cost. Almost every show at 1919 is $6 (sometimes less), and no one is ever turned away for lack of funds, because money isn’t the only way to help the space out! All-ages is another way that the art actually reaches the people who want to support it. Young adults need a life, too! 1919 is also alcohol and smoke free, which, again, allows for the most participation possible. 1919 is proud to be part of a large network of DIY performance art spaces around the world.

The Free Store

Volunteers maintain a room full of second-hand goods that are offered at no cost. We just ask that people keep the room tidy. The Free Store sees it’s share of traffic – i.e. there’s a lot of need – especially for adult men’s clothing!

Radical Lending Library (zines, books, audio/visual)

Our library boasts the largest collection of DIY zines from around the world in North Texas. They range from cooking to prison abolition! The book aspect of our library has plenty of radical literature unavailable elsewhere. Little needs to be said about the audio/visual library – bands and artists that perform at the space almost always donate their music to our library. The DFW IWW has taken lead on maintaining the library and they could use volunteers – email rick@1919hemphill.org or just show up:

Meeting Place

1919 offers its humble space to a variety of grassroots organizations. We’ve had a variety of groups use our space: identity collectives (wimmin’s, men’s, etc.), political/advocacy organizations (anti-war, third-party, animal welfare, unions, drug policy reform, etc.), and activity groups (yoga, meditation, arts and crafts, etc.) We don’t ‘charge’ these groups. Our space is offered as an act of mutual aid.

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